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Jack Robertiello frequently leads classes and tastings of spirits (specializing in rum, tequila and whisky) for groups, private parties, companies and events, in the New York City area and across the country. Whether you want someone who can speak to knowledgeable aficionados or spirit novices, let Jack share what he knows. He’ll craft his presentation to your requirements; want a broad tasting tour of the most unique tequilas? Want to learn why rums are so different from island to island? Looking for insight into how whiskies are made and why they differ?

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For many people, spirits are a mystery, or just an alcohol delivery vehicle. But the world of spirits offers a range of quality, a depth of history and a breadth of experience that few get to access. Make it fun, share the story, and learn with a glass in your hand and you and your guests will never again look at a spirit list or a back bar again without a firm grasp of the basics. Fully interactive, Jack’s classes inform, amuse and enlighten.

Classes include:

Taste Spirits Like a Professional (available as a general tasting or within specific spirit categories – tequila, rum, whisky, gin, vodka, etc.)

Tequila Terroir – How to Taste the Differences

Tequila, Mezcal and Other Agave Spirits

How to Host a Spirit Tasting

Rums Around the World

Spirits 101

Master the White Spirits – Vodka and Gin

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