Jack Robertiello

Jack Robertiello is a writer, consultant and expert in the worlds of wine, spirits and mixology.

JACKA frequent speaker at conferences and meetings, Robertiello also gives private classes and seminars on tasting spirits, especially focusing on tequila, rum and whisky.He’s a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and samples hundreds of wines and spirits annually, and has advised distillers, importers, marketers and publicists about current spirit and wine trends and helped them craft their wares. To find out more about his services, email him here.

Former editor of Cheers magazine, he’s written about food, wine and spirits for many publications, newspapers and websites. He currently writes about spirits and wine for Beverage Media; all things liquid for Flavor and the Menu; wine, spirits and mixology for Cheers magazine; wine, spirits and retailing for Beverage Dynamics, and beer, wine, spirits and mixology for Nightclub & Bar. He also is the author of “Mangia: The Best Italian Food In NYC.” He lives in Brooklyn and Putnam County, New York.

Contact him at jack@jackrobertiello.com

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